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SUSE undertook a strategy review and development exercise in 2018 that reset its vision and mission and established 6 organisational goals for the 3 years to 2021:

Our Vision: A Scotland where people with disadvantages have access to supported employment to find and retain paid work.

Our Mission: To increase the availability, quality and impact of supported employment services in Scotland.

Our Goals:

  1. SUSE is an efficient, effective, and financially viable organisation.
  2. SUSE is recognised as the lead body for supported employment and the representative body for supported employment providers in Scotland.
  3. SUSE is developing the capability of our members and ability of the supported employment workforce.
  4. SUSE is working with our members to improve the quality of supported employment services in Scotland.
  5. SUSE is stimulating, initiating, facilitating and supporting new projects and services to ensure supported employment provision evolves to meet the changing needs of employees and employers.
  6. SUSE is working with members and others and encouraging them to work with each other, to advance supported employment provision in Scotland.


Linked to these goals, SUSE has specified a total of 35 aims and related strategies to be achieved and implemented by 2021, with 14 of its strategies prioritised for the first year of its business plan; these relate to planning and management; membership offer; income generation; standards of provision and practice; wider engagement.

In year two we have identified a further 11 actions which focus on campaigning for more and better quality Supported Employment services; delivering pilot projects and sharing the knowledge and learning; developing and delivering an evaluation service and commissioning research.