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We want to work with employers who have a commitment to recruiting and supporting employees who have a disability or long term condition.Post Image

Our members work with thousands of employers across Scotland, providing bespoke support that is tailored to the needs of each employer – taking the time to learn about the business, finding the right candidate for each vacancy and providing support for the employer for as long as they need it.

SUSE has developed the Inclusive Workplace Award to help employers create workplaces where people with disabilities can succeed and progress.

  • It facilitates introductions and productive relationships between employers and supported employment services.
  • Employers will have increased skills and knowledge, and feel more confident about employing and supporting people with disabilities.
  • Supported employment services will have an increased ability to progress economically inactive people with disabilities into sustainable careers.
  • It helps to create supportive workplaces where everyone can contribute their talents and skills.
  • It recognises and celebrates employers who engage with supported employment services.
  • A free and comprehensive recruitment service, matching the right jobseeker to the job.
  • Access to continuous support from an experienced Supported Employment service.
  • Customers appreciate and recognise the willingness of businesses in their area to reflect the community they serve.
  • Promotion of the organisation as an equal opportunities employer with a commitment to diversity Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Work colleagues welcome and encourage people recruited through the Supported Employment process and good working relationships are developed.