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How we developed our strategy

In autumn 2017 the SUSE Board started work on developing the next 3 year strategy for our organisation. A great deal has changed since we last carried out this exercise so it was time for a fundamental assessment of where we were and what we wanted to achieve.

We started by asking some basic questions:

  • What do our members want and need?
  • How can we ensure our members’ voices are heard?
  • What should be the focus of SUSE’s work?
  • What do we do well and what do we need to improve on?
  • How can we make SUSE sustainable?

To develop our strategy we conducted a SUSE Membership Survey in 2017 and we held a number of consultation events as well as individual meetings with members. These gave us the opportunity to hear views, share our ideas and imagine what a positive future might look like.

The SUSE board then developed a strategy that we believe maps out a positive future for SUSE and enhances the services we provide to our members. A draft of the strategy was presented at our conference in December 2017.

Our Strategic Objectives – April 2018 – March 2021

SUSE is an efficient, effective, and financially viable organisation.



SUSE is recognised as the lead body for supported employment and the representative body for supported employment providers, in Scotland.



SUSE is developing the capability of our members and ability of the supported employment workforce.



SUSE is working with our members to improve the quality of supported employment services in Scotland.



SUSE is stimulating, initiating, facilitating and supporting new projects and services to ensure supported employment provision evolves to meet the changing needs of employees and employers.



SUSE is working with members and others, encouraging them to work with each other, to advance supported employment provision in Scotland.