Congratulations to The Apprentice Store who received their Inclusive Workplace Award this month. Our award recognises organisations that are forward-thinking about equality and adopting diversity practices.

Neil Skene, a consultant on our Experience Network, visited the team in Inverness to present the award.

David Massey, Founder and Managing Director, said “Thank you SUSE for your commitment to inclusivity and for recognising the commitment of The Apprentice Store in making a positive impact to our staff and community.”

Photograph of 2 men shaking hands and smiling. 1 of them is holding an award. They are standing in front of a pop-up banner. Photograph of a workplace team of 7 people and a guide dog. 2 more people are on laptop screens. They are standing in front of a white wall and a pop-up banner stand.

The Apprentice Store chose to take part in the award to support and grow the awareness of inclusivity in the workplace and how it can make a real difference to people’s lives.

David continues, “As a social enterprise that provides employment opportunities for young people who have experienced barriers to employment, we are deeply committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture that values diversity and fosters a positive environment for all. The recognition that the SUSE Inclusive Workplace Award provides a powerful affirmation of our effort and we are honoured to have this recognised through this award.”

“We believe that the work we do at The Apprentice Store makes a real difference in the lives of the young people we employ and the broader community. By acknowledging our efforts, SUSE is helping to raise awareness of the importance of creating inclusive workplaces and encouraging other organisations to follow our lead.”

Congratulations to everyone at The Apprentice Store for their commitment to providing an inclusive workplace!

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