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Helping businesses to discover how Supported Employment can bring new talent to your workplace.

Inclusive Employers Week Scotland: 13th – 17th November 2023

Our first Inclusive Employers Week Scotland attracted close to 400 registrations from more than 50 organisations to attend 12 information sessions delivered throughout the week.

The aim of these sessions was to help employers increase their knowledge about the free support that is available to recruit and retain disabled talent.

We asked attendees how helpful the week was and if they learned something new…


of responses stated the sessions were very or extremely helpful and they learned something new.

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Here’s what was included…

Following on from the success of our Annual Conference; with the theme of The Inclusive Employer, we are hosted a week of activities in November aimed at connecting employers with SUSE members to build positive relationships which ultimately create employment opportunities for disabled people.

By hosting information sessions, learning opportunities and DuoDay, our first Inclusive Employers Week Scotland aimed to:

  • Increase the knowledge employers have about the range of support that is available to them,
  • Develop partnerships between employers and SUSE members,
  • Create training, placements and job opportunities for disabled people,
  • Introduce a new pool of talent to employers,
  • Promote Supported Employment.

As part of the week, we hosted DuoDay 2023, a day to promote equal employment opportunities and highlight the positive contributions disabled people make at work. Find out more about DuoDay23 here!

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Information Sessions and Taster Training


Monday 13th November:

Understanding Arthritis in Work
Versus Arthritis will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of arthritis and musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions and their impact in the workplace. Learn effective management strategies to support employees and promote a healthy work environment.


Tuesday 14th November:

An Introduction to Modern Apprenticeships for Employers
Join Skills Development Scotland (SDS) in this session for employers on Scottish Apprenticeships. Find out about the training and in work support to ensure apprenticeships succeed. Information will focus on Foundation, Modern and Graduate Apprenticeships.

Supported Employment and Its Role in the Workplace
The session will look at the business case for equality and diversity in the workplace. It will discuss how engaging with local employability networks can assist employers to access funding, adjusting your recruitment practice can draw and keep a pool of untapped talent, and how retention support and developing wellness plans can help your existing employees. You will also hear Supported Employment success stories.

Leading By Example
At Values Into Action Scotland (VIAS), our mission is providing quality support and services to create a world that is inclusive for all. The best way to achieve this is to listen to people with lived experience. Our work is greatly enriched by having a diverse workforce whose experience we draw on when designing our services. Come along to this workshop to hear what we have learnt in our diversity journey so far.

An Introduction to Project SEARCH for Employers
Find out about the largest transition to work programme for young autistic people or people with a learning disability that is transforming the lives of young people and their families whilst also opening employer’s eyes to an amazing hidden talent pool.

Over 85% of people with a learning disability want to work, but less than 5% of people with a learning disability who are known to local authorities are in paid work. Find out how, by working with DFN Project SEARCH, you can help change the life chances of these amazing young people and fill your entry level posts with trained employees at the same time!


Wednesday 15th November:

Access to Work for Employers
This awareness session will provide an in-depth overview of Access to Work. During the session we cover detail about what Access to Work is, what support it can provide to customers and the eligibility criteria. DWP will be joined by a colleague from the Mental Health Support Service, who will provide insight into that specific aspect of Access to Work support. The session also covers the Access to Work application process, reporting changes of circumstance and disputing an award decision. Within the session there are case studies of how Access to Work can support people to enable them to remain in or move closer to work, and there is the opportunity for Q&A at the end of the session.

Inclusive Workplace Award – Recognition for Forward Thinking Employers – This session will be rescheduled and all registered attendees will be contacted.
Take the next steps in Supported Employment and demonstrate your commitment to recruiting and supporting disabled employees and those with long-term health conditions. SUSE has developed the Inclusive Workplace Award to help employers create workplaces where disabled people can succeed and progress. This session will cover the Award criteria and the new online application and support. Find out how, in around 4 weeks, you could have an Inclusive Workplace Award!

Free Training and Consultancy for Employers with Apt
Are you looking to make a positive impact on your community while also expanding your company’s workforce? Look no further than Apt, a Scottish Government initiative dedicated to reducing the disability employment gap. By partnering with Apt, you can expect to receive support, training, consultancy and guidance.

You’ll not only be creating job opportunities for disabled people, but you’ll also be promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, all while strengthening your company’s reputation and social impact. Join Apt today and take the first step towards a more inclusive future for your company and your community.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) for Employers
Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an approach to help people with mental health problems and/or addictions who want to find work and sustain work. It’s a free recruitment service where you’ll be introduced to suitable candidates matched to your vacant positions. Delivered by SAMH.


Thursday 16th November:

Person Centred Approach to Employment
Work Connect supports people living with mental ill health, learning disabilities, autism and in recovery from addiction. Through a Person Centred Approach to Employment, Work Connect provides clients with employability support, peer support and mentorship including access to meaningful activity and sector specific training. Find out how these services can support recruitment for your business.

Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace
To remove stigmatising cultures and prevent discriminatory behaviours, there are a number of things you need to have in place. These are all achievable, and many of them will already exist in your organisation. Through the work See Me undertake with employers, employees and people with experience of struggling with their mental health at work, they have come up with the three key elements to tackling stigma and discrimination at work. We will look at these during this session and show you how to reduce the stigma of mental health issues in your organisation.


Friday 17th November:

Age Inclusion Awareness
Develop your knowledge and understanding of ageism and how it can manifest in the workplace. Learn how to champion age at work and challenge ageism within your team at this session delivered by Age Scotland.

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