Supported Employment is a 5 stage programme that has been designed to support disabled people or people with long term conditions to get paid work.

In many cases supported employment clients may not have worked before and might not feel they have sufficient confidence, experience or skills to get a job.  The model is designed to overcome this and take the person through a series of activities that help them to identify their skills and talents, work out what kind of job they want and develop a detailed plan.  Each person receives an individual support programme, usually delivered on a 1-to-1 basis by an employment worker.

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Supported Employment is about empowerment social inclusion, dignity and respect.

These values and principles should be present at all of the Supported Employment stages and activities – from the first meeting with a Supported Employment agency to being supported  when you have entered a job.

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Supported Employment is not about Work Experience, job tasters or voluntary work where you don’t get paid for the work you do.

Other “unpaid” work options can be used in a person's journeys to paid work but should be short term and serve a specific purpose to improve the skills, confidence and knowledge of the person, moving them towards paid work.

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