All employers strive to employ the best person for every role in their organisation and to retain valuable and effective staff for as long as they can. Finding and keeping good workers can be a challenge with unemployment now at historic lows.  Today, more than ever, businesses need access to skilled and committed employees.

Successful businesses recognise the value of recruiting a diverse workforce that reflects the customers and communities they serve.

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Disabled people and people with long term conditions are frequently overlooked in our communities and struggle to take their place in the labour market. A supported employment agency can work with you to diversify your recruitment process and add great talent to your organisation.

Employers tell us that the people they have recruited through supported employment programmes have become some of the best employees in their organisation: dependable; dedicated; hardworking, and productive.

Find out key benefits for employers who use Supported Employment programmes to recruit employees.

Our members work with thousands of employers across Scotland to enable them to recruit disabled people and people with long term conditions.  Supported employment agencies provide bespoke support that is tailored to the needs of each employer – they take the time to learn about the business, find the right candidate for each vacancy and provide support for the employer for as long as they need it.


SUSE has developed the Inclusive Workplace Award to help employers create workplaces where people with disabilities can succeed and progress.

Our Good Practice Guide for Employers is an invaluable source of advice and information for organisations who want to diversify their workforce.