Posted By: The Lennox Partnership

The Lennox Partnership have launched a new and exclusive employability project to get 18-24 year olds jobs in the creative industry. 

Young people will have the opportunity to participate in a 4-week online workshop to compose a creative CV, interactive cover letter and a top-class portfolio. They will be split into 3 work groups – Music, Arts and Social Media – and given a project to focus on, with support and advice from creative industry experts.  

Once the 4 week training academy has been completed participants will have the opportunity to attend a creative space visit which will be organised and funded by The Lennox Partnership

When a participant secures employment they will continue to receive 6 months In Work Support and guidance from The Lennox Partnership.

Why Refer?

  • Privately funded – no double funding
  • Delivering Scotland wide
  • Free access to exclusive software and apps
  • Bespoke employability advice and guidance.

How to Refer

Send the following details to the contact details below:
Phone number
Confirmation of employment status
Details of individuals creative experience or aspirations

Phone: 07709712947