In September 2017 we initiated the SUSE Annual Membership Survey. Each year we’ll be asking our members for feedback on the service they are getting from SUSE and how well we are doing. The results of our most recent survey can be found below.

The SUSE Annual Survey was distributed to our members late last year and closed in January 2019.

This is our opportunity to hear the views of our members to help us plan for the year ahead. This year we asked about how SUSE is representing our members, how well we communicate, our work to develop a quality standard and your workforce development plans.

In summary you told us:

  • SUSE is representing the views of its members to decision makers.
  • Most people think the membership fee is value for money.
  • Members want SUSE to bring members together regularly.
  • SUSE communicates well but there is more to do to get people using the website regularly.
  • Most members have been to a SUSE event or met with SUSE staff in the past year.
  • There is enthusiasm for a new Quality Standard for Supported Employment but concerns about the cost and resource implications.
  • There was positive feedback on the events we hosted last year.
  • There is enthusiasm for SUSE to deliver training and most people want a review of the PDA in Supported Employment.
  • Members want their staff to undertake the PDA but they do not have the budget to meet the full delivery costs.

Read the full survey results here  SUSE Membership Survey Results 2019


We received responses from 50% of our members and we used the findings to start a discussion with our members about the future direction of the organisation as we developed the SUSE Strategy 2018-21.

Members were asked to score a series of statements from 1 Strongly Disagree to 10 Strongly Agree. The higher the number, the more support there was for the statement. You can view an extract by clicking the link below.

Membership Survey 2017