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Company: COSLA
Location: Haymarket Yards
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: £48,135 - 50,406
More Information: Apply Now

COSLA post to develop work on the Scottish Government/ Local Government Partnership Framework on Employability

The Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills, Jamie Hepburn MSP and Cllr. Kelly Parry, COSLA Community Well Being Spokesperson jointly signed off a ‘Scottish Government and Scottish Local Government Partnership Working Framework for Employability’ at the Ministerial Summit on Employability on 5 December.

The Framework outlines a shared ambition captured in ‘No One Left Behind’ on alignment and integration of employability and related services in Scotland. Both COSLA and Scottish Government are committed to the development of an employability system which is flexible, person centred and more straightforward for people to navigate.
For Local Government, the new framework provides an opportunity to engage more effectively with Scottish Government to positively shape employability and related support provision. Local government wants to work with Scottish Government towards a better use of existing resources with alignment of funding streams, the potential for more funding coming directly to local authorities and better use of the public pound. Local authorities are also in a key position to identify and lead integration with other key public services in their areas.

Scottish Government has invested c£96m until 2021 in its flagship employability programme, Fair Start Scotland. In addition, it also currently invests c£35m directly or through Skills Development Scotland in other employability supports. Local Government investment in direct employability provision was estimated to be c£63m in 2017/18.

It is important that COSLA is able to resource this work effectively so that it can work closely with SLAED and SOLACE, and the leadership of the voluntary sector to ensure that local government is a position to jointly develop the agenda, shape joint priorities and support a workplan which will enable both Scottish Government and Local Government to advance our collective priorities.

As this is a policy development and implementation piece of work we expect there to be close working between the Scottish & Local Government as well as the staff of both and those who work for them. The detail of the Scottish and Local Government Alignment Group (the professional officer group) that will both ensure delivery of the developing work plan and support the political governance arrangements is being worked on.

COSLA has received Scottish Government support for this 2 year fixed term contract to resource this Policy Manager post focused on Employability and Fair Work. Applications are invited from suitable candidates interested in promoting the joint agenda. The post is suitable for a secondment. Applications should be returned by midnight of the 22nd September. We hope to notify those we intend to interview by the Thursday of the following week with interviews to take place the week after that.

For further information please contact Anil Gupta (