Inclusive Workplace award logo. A pink and purple curved line around the words Inclusive Workplace.

What is the process?

The Inclusive Workplace Award (IWA) is delivered in partnership with a local supported employment service.

The process of completing the award can take around 4 weeks, however it is designed to be flexible and you can work through the Award criteria at a pace that suits you and your business, along with the assistance of your Supported Employment service provider.

The first step is to be matched with a Supported Employment service provider. If you already work with a Supported Employment service you will soon be able to Login/Signup to begin your Inclusive Workplace Award.

If you do not already work with a provider, SUSE can assist you with this.

As you work through your Award, you will be assisted by your Supported Employment service provider. You can save each section allowing you to work through the Award at your own pace. When you have completed all 4 sections you can submit your Award to SUSE for review.

Click on the tabs below to find out how you can achieve the IWA.

The Inclusive Workplace Award is delivered in partnership with a local supported employment service. The supported employment service works with the employer throughout the process, providing advice and guidance – both parties are free to negotiate the nature of their relationship.

The employer and provider are guided throughout the process by SUSE.

We call it a light touch assessment, whether you are new to Supported Employment or not, it allows you to review your current practices and identify required improvements or changes. You are given support and advice throughout this process.

The IWA has 4 criteria:

  • A positive and supportive environment
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Flexible procedures and policies
  • Provision of supported employment opportunities.

We have put together an example award application which gives you great examples and top tips on what each section is looking for. You can download our example criteria document.

We ask you to provide evidence on your current practice and we help you to identify what you are doing well and areas where you can improve. We provide comprehensive feedback on the assessment and work with you to meet all of the criteria.

We ask employers to nominate managers and supervisors within the organisation to participate in our free Inclusive Workplace Award training.

Those nominated should have direct responsibility for management and/or recruitment.

The session challenges assumptions and attitudes about recruiting people with disabilities and allows participants to discuss the gaps in their knowledge and experience. We share examples of best practice and help your team to understand what the law says about equality, diversity and discrimination – addressing their anxieties and mistaken beliefs.

Once reviewed and signed-off by SUSE, we will notify you of your successful Inclusive Workplace Award! Occasionally we may ask you to add more details or evidence to support your application. If this happens you will receive an email.

As part of achieving the Award you will receive:

  • A certificate
  • A digital Inclusive Workplace Award logo which you can display on your website and email signatures
  • An official presentation of your Inclusive Workplace Award at the next SUSE Annual Conference, including a complimentary ticket. Please note that Awards need to be achieved by 31st March to be presented at the Annual Conference in May.

SUSE will work with successful employers to publicise and celebrate your achievement of the Inclusive Workplace Award.

The IWA is awarded for 2 years before being re-assessed.

The partner supported employment service will maintain contact with the employer and work with you to create opportunities for disabled people and those with long term conditions.

One year after the award the service will support the employer with a health check.

They will give constructive feedback to the employer to help them to maintain the standards required to retain the award.


Your Inclusive Workplace Award is valid for 2 years. As you reach the end of your Award period we will invite you to renew.

Renewing your Award is simple! You can review your current Award criteria and make any necessary updates before re-applying.

Please note: your renewed award will begin as soon as your application is signed-off by SUSE.