The Inclusive Workplace Award has a cost of £1400 for new awards and £700 to renew your award after 2 years. This cost covers:

  • support to complete the process,
  • the assessment carried out by SUSE,
  • the right to use the Inclusive Workplace Award logo on your website and other materials for 2 years,
  • your certificate and engraved glass award,
  • one complimentary ticket to the SUSE Annual Conference (valued at approx. £120),
  • Inclusive Workplace online training session for managers/supervisors (included in new awards only).

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Supported Employment services are free, from initial contact, to advice and on-going employee support.

Yes, the award is open to organisations of all sizes and in any sector. Both public and private sector employers have achieved the IWA.

Yes, you do not need to have a current vacancy to go through the 3 step process. We can still help you assess your practice and policies and provide training for your management team to develop their skills to support future employees, current disabled employees or employees who might develop a disability or long term condition while they work for you.

The Supported Employment service you will be paired with can help you identify opportunities and promote them as well as help you with your future recruitment needs.

Yes, the Supported Employment service you will be paired with can give you advice on how best to support current disabled employees and can help you to develop the knowledge and policies you need to support people who might become disabled, or develop a long term health condition while employed in your organisation.

No, the IWA focuses on the Supported Employment model (and how to recruit and retain disabled people and those with long term conditions).  Our award gives you the skills and knowledge you need to create a workplace that is truly diverse and inclusive.

We have designed the IWA process in a streamlined way as we understand organisations’ resources and time are often limited. Completing the award can take around 4 weeks, however it is designed to be flexible and you can work through the Award criteria at a pace that suits you and your business, along with the assistance of your Supported Employment service provider.

The 2 hour online training session can be booked at a time to suit you.

Once you are linked with a Supported Employment service provider, they will save you time and money recruiting as they have access to a pool of talented people and can support you at every stage of the process.

The IWA is very much about culture change in an organisation and is designed to help employers create move diverse workplaces. Disabled people are an untapped pool of talent in our communities. Employers have told us that recruiting someone through a  supported employment programme has improved the culture in their organisation and contributed to the development of a learning and mentoring environment.

The SUSE Good Practice Guide gives you detailed information on employing disabled people and those with long term health conditions.

Very often reasonable adjustments do not cost anything and can be about making small changes that have a big impact. For more expensive alterations, there is support available such as Access to Work. The Supported Employment provider can give you expert advice and help with this.