What are the benefits to employers of using the Supported Employment model to recruit staff?

Some of the key benefits include:
  • A free and confidential recruitment service
  • Access to a talented and committed talent pool. A Supported Employment provider will find the right employees for your business.
  • Access to continuous support from a qualified and experienced employment worker who has taken the time to learn about your business and understands your recruitment needs.
  • The employment worker will enhance your recruitment and selection process, supporting you to diversify your workforce and learn best practice in recruiting and supporting disabled people and people with long term conditions.
  • Workforces welcome and encourage people recruited through the Supported Employment process, helping the development of learning and mentoring relationships in the business.
  • Customers recognise and appreciate the commitment of the organisation to creating opportunities for people from the local community who have been socially excluded.
  • Access to advice and guidance on incentives and grants that may be available.
  • Assistance to co-ordinate any training that the new employee may need, free of charge.
  • Enhancement of your company’s profile, promoting you as an equal opportunities employer committed to the diversity agenda.
  • An opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Access to free training for your management team if you choose to work towards the SUSE Inclusive Workplace Award.

In the UK, 3.3 million disabled people of working age were economically inactive in March 2018. The economic inactivity rate for disabilities is 44.9%. The economic inactivity rate for non-disabled people was 16.2%.

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