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SUSE is the lead partner in the Disability Employment Gap Public Social Partnership (PSP) which has been commissioned by the Scottish Government. A PSP is a strategic partnering arrangement which gives the third sector the opportunity to design future public services by trying and piloting new ideas and approaches.

The Disability Employment Gap PSP is a unique and forward-thinking initiative in the Scottish employability landscape. We aim to contribute to the ambition set by the Scottish Government in The Fairer Scotland for Disabled People – Employment Action Plan, to half the Disability Employment Gap by 2038.

Aim of the Public Social Partnership

The Disability Employment Gap PSP is focused on working with Scotland’s employers.

We will develop and deliver a range of innovative projects which enable employers to address the gaps in their knowledge and expertise and improve the employment prospects of disabled people. We hope to achieve a lasting culture change in our workplaces by addressing employer concerns regarding their legal responsibilities, embedding equality and diversity in workplace cultures and sharing our knowledge of reasonable adjustments and available support – to enable disabled people to take up and sustain paid employment.

How Will We Do This

We will:

  • Establish a knowledgeable, experienced consortium of organisations who will work together to deliver the PSP – 39 organisations have joined the PSP.
  • Create workstreams that will develop innovative projects in areas that require attention – our workstreams are (a) the Public Sector, (b) Attract & Recruit, (c) Retention, (d) Under-Represented Groups, and (e) Transitions.
  • Develop robust workstream plans with clear deliverables, timescales and KPI’s.
  • Create an effective Steering Group to manage the PSP, with input from employers and people with lived experience.
  • Carry out extensive research into the issues that are preventing disabled people gaining and sustaining employment.
  • Secure early engagement with champion employers and external partners and build a comprehensive network of stakeholders and supporters.
  • Implement extensive Social Media and Communications strategies to secure buy-in from employers and stakeholders.
  • Regularly promote the PSP’s learning, progression and successes, both internally and externally.
  • Launch a number of pilot projects by March 2021 that will help employers attract, recruit and retain more disabled people.
  • Deliver and monitor these pilot projects over a twelve-month period, gathering learning as we go.
  • Carry out a full evaluation of the PSP, ensuring everything we have learned can inform future actions.
  • Develop a Dissemination and Communication Plan in preparation for the conclusion of the project.
  • Develop our successful pilot projects into commissionable services that can be funded by the public and/or private sector.

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Please get in touch with us to find out more:-

David Stewart: Email: or call 07305064282

Michelle Ramsay: Email: or call 07592 502638

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The Disability Employment Gap Public Social Partnership wish to commission expert support to set up a system of performance management, monitoring and assessment, which can be used for self-evaluation and independent external evaluation.  We also wish to commision ongoing independent evaluation of our processes, outcomes and econonic impact of our work.

The overall purpose of this commission is therefore to:

  • Work with us to design and implement a simple, clear and robust system for measuring progress towards intended outcomes
  • Evaluation how effective the PSP is working a whole
  • Evaluate how effective a series of pilot projects due to commence in early 2021 are at achieving early outcomes, and why.

The deadline for submissions is 22nd January 2021 – Full Evaluation Brief here