This report provides an update on the second year of the disability employment gap action plan.  The report outlines some key achievements made in the last year which support the reduction of the Disability Employment Gap, including:

  • Piloting a new workplace adjustments programme in Scottish Government
  • Continued work on the Public Social Partnership
  • Funding of projects through the Workplace Equality Fund
  • A review of Individual Placement & Support in Scotland
  • The launch of the first Scottish Access to Work Stakeholder Forum
  • Meeting the commitment of the Action plan to invest £6 million to support unemployed disabled parents impacted by child poverty, which will be delivered through the Parental Employablity Support Fund
  • Improviding transitions support to young people entering work; and
  • Continued work on the Young Person’s Guarantee, including ensuring young disabled people aren’t left behind as a result of the pandemic.

While the latest full year labour market data from the Annual Population Survey (January – December 2019) suggests a continued reduction in the Disability Employment Gap, it does not take into consideration the impact of COVID-19.  Scot Gov continue to work partners, including the third sector, to understand the impact of COVID-19 on disabled people and identify actions what actions would help mitigate any negative impacts for those seeking to enter or sustain employment.  

Read the full Year 2 Progress Report of A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People: Employment Action Plan here