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Below is an update you on the impact on SUSE’s activities in the next few months as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Scottish Government Event – 3rd April D.E.G

This event was postponed. The Scottish Government published their report at the end of March. We are now gathering feedback from SUSE members and will be sharing this with policy makers.   We will also be discussing the progress of the Disability Employment Action Plan at the SUSE Conference later this year.

DuoDay 2020

This was scheduled for 14th May and unfortunately now cannot go ahead.  Duoday will be back in 2021.

SUSE Conference

This has been postponed from 26th May to the 2nd of December.


This is scheduled to take place by the end of June. We intend to go ahead with this but we may look at having a virtual event that can be joined by video conferencing. We will let you know soon.


We are very keen to get this underway in the coming weeks.   Obviously we can’t bring everyone together in the near future but we are working on a plan to deliver the PSP this year. We will have more information on this soon.

Please do not hesitate to contact either David (07540 835229) or Michelle (07592 502638) if you have any questions.