Our digital partners Cole AD recently carried out some training sessions on understanding website accessibility:-

“The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, therefore it is increasingly important that websites are accessible to as many people as possible, including those with disabilities.

When websites are designed with accessibility in mind, it creates a better experience for everyone. All users have access to the same information and function regardless of their ability or situation. Also from a business sense, you reach a wider audience. Yet often accessibility is overlooked!

Throughout March we carried out training sessions on the importance of Web Accessibility. We taught attendees some basic knowledge of accessibility guidelines  and best practices for the web. We aimed to give them the tools to go forward and carry out their own assessments of websites, so they have the confidence to identify potential accessibility issues and take steps to resolve them.

We covered a range of topics from platforms and navigation, to styling and images, finishing with a group task where attendees could put their new knowledge into practice.

We like to think web design and accessibility go hand in hand and we were delighted to share that knowledge throughout the sessions”

Accessible Website – Good Practice Guide – Click Images below to view
Download PDF document here – Website Accessibility - Good Practice Guide

Accessible Website – Checklist Images – Click Images below to view
Download PDF document here Website Accessibility - Checklist