The 13th EUSE Conference on Supported Employment – “Transitions” will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 27-29 May 2019. In 1993, the first Conference of the EUSE was held at the World Trade Centre, in the City of Rotterdam, and after 25 years, the 13th Conference is taking place in the Netherlands once again.

The conference is being hosted by the Dutch Organisation of Supported Employment (NVS Support) in cooperation with SUEM, the Belgian organisation for Supported Employment. The organisers have also worked with many networks within the Netherlands, the European Union and also the World Association (WASE) for Supported Employment.

The 13th Conference is an excellent opportunity to become inspired and invigorated by employment experts and to network with colleagues and peers from around Europe and the world.

EUSE would like to invite everyone working in the employment arena from NGOs, policy makers, government agencies, recipients of employment services, academics and researchers to share their knowledge, skills and expertise on a range of themes intended to promote the Supported Employment model and best practice.

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