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Versus Arthritis are launching a survey to bring together expertise from researchers, people with arthritis and healthcare professionals about taking part in research.

They would like your views and experiences of taking part in research, whether you have previously taken part in research or not.

Why get involved?

Research is a huge source of hope to people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.  Read more here about Versus Arthritis research achievements.

It has the potential to find more effective treatments, improve care and management of arthritis and may even lead to a cure in the future.  Research helps increase our knowledge of what causes pain and other symptoms, ultimately helping to improve people’s lives.

“Research funded by Versus Arthritis has had a huge impact on my life.  You could say it gave me my three children, as research supported by the Charity in the 1990s led to the successful treatment, I received for antiphospholipid syndrome which causes recurrent miscarriage. 

Then in my late 40s, I had anti-TNF therapy for my rheumatoid arthritis, which works amazingly well”   Jane Taylor, patient insight partner

Many research studies rely on people taking part in one way of another.  This could involve being interviewed, having a one-off medical test or being involved in a clinical trial.

A recent study of clinical trials in the UK suggests:

  • 31% were able to recruit enough people to take part in research
  • This means that 69% of clinical trials could fail due to issues with recruiting enough people

This is why Versus Arthritis are doing this survey as they would like to better understand people’s experiences of taking part in research, and to help support people to take part more easily.

Together we can make progress

Join Versus Arthritis in making a positive different for people living with arthritis and complete their survey.   The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete and your views will help shape their support.