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Just: Ask, Listen, Talk is a Fife led campaign that highlights:

Keeping your workplace mentally healthy is your business.

To supplement the message of the campaign, a Just: Ask, Listen, Talk Employer’s Toolkit provides straightforward, no-cost solutions to help employers make a positive difference to their business in creating and sustaining a mentally healthy workplace.

Employers using the toolkit are encouraged to join a growing bank of businesses signed up the JALT pledge and committed to just asking, listening and talking about mental health with their employees.

The toolkit contains information on:

  • Guidance on first contact with staff off sick due to mental health issues and how to help people get back to work sooner
  • Taking the time to talk with employees at work struggling due to mental health issues and putting in place support that helps them stay at work
  • Signing up to the Just: Ask, Listen, Talk Employers Pledge to let employers know the business offers a safe workplace to have frank discussions when they need to talk about their mental health.

The toolkit includes contact details for key organisations in Fife who are willing to visit the workplace and provide free advice, as well as practical solutions for managers and staff on how to start to Just: Ask, Listen, Talk about mental health at work by creating and sustaining a mentally healthy workplace.

Just: Ask, Listen, Talk is led by Fife Council’s Supported Employment Service and supported by Fife’s Health Promotion Workplace Team.

Angela Hamilton, Team Manager of Supported Employment Service, SUSE Board Member and lead for the JALT team says  “Poor mental health is the leading cause of work absence in the UK, with around half of all long term sick leave due to stress, depression and anxiety.

Stress is a health and safety risk at work and left unchecked, may lead to mental health issues.   We don’t ignore physical injury or illness at work, and we need to encourage employers to address stress or mental health issues in the workplace in the same way.

JALT is for everyone.  We all have mental health, and we can all be affected by poor mental health.  The JALT toolkit helps employers recognise signs that show someone may be experiencing poor mental health, encourages them to ask staff if they are okay, listen to what people have to say and talk about support that might help people stay in work or return to work sooner.”

Alan Gow, Health Promotion Workplace team says “The JALT toolkit outlines the key building blocks of a mentally healthy workplace, and we are keen to work with employers in Fife to help them put in place their building blocks and sign up the JALT pledge.”

Download a copy of the toolkit here or visit  You can sign up to the Just: Ask, Listen, talk pledge by contacting