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What is the Background to JETS Scotland?
The UK is facing unprecedented economic changes, which has impacted on the economy and labour market, with over 3 million people starting a Universal Credit (UC) claim during this Covid 19 pandemic and the number of people in receipt of UC and searching for work having more than doubled.   In response, DWP has launched a ‘Plan for Jobs Package’ to support the UK’s economic recovery, that builds on and bolsters the existing support offered by the Jobcentre Plus network. JETS Scotland is one of these initiatives.

What is JETS Scotland?   When does it start?
JETS Scotland will go live from 25 January 2021 and referrals will run for 12  months, with the option to extend for a further year if required
Who is it for?
Universal Credit (UC) claimants in the Intensive Work Search Regime and New Style Jobseekers Allowance claimants, who have been unemployed (doing no work) for at least 13 weeks (periods of furlough do not count towards this 13 weeks) and in receipt of benefit in these qualifying groups at time of referral
How do claimants access JETS Scotland?
Claimants are referred to JETS Scotland by their Jobcentre Plus work coach,  following a discussion to ensure JETS Scotland is the right support for them
How long does it last?
Claimants will remain on the provision for 6 months

Find out more about JETS below.  You can also download a PDF here Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS) Information