DuoDay this year was held on Thursday 18th November 2021 and our theme was Play Your Part, highlighting the contributions disabled people make to Scotland’s businesses and economy and encouraging everyone to work together to close the Disability Employment Gap in Scotland.

Our participation this year was made possible by sponsorships from Edward Gosling Foundation and the Souter Charitable Trust.

This was the third time we promoted this Europe wide initiative and we were extremely pleased to welcome both SUSE members and other organisations who partnered with us to make it a success. We worked together to address the Disability Employment Gap by developing relationships with employers and highlighting the contribution disabled people make to Scotland’s business and economy.

This year we were absolutely thrilled to bring together over 20 job shadowing opportunities working with a range of employers.

Click here to read all about this year’s DuoDay!

Please note that the above link opens an online flipbook. If you would prefer an alternative version please contact us at info@susescotland.scot