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See below from Inclusion Scotland who are asking people with disabilities to complete their survey and share their views.  The survey does not have a deadline given the uncertainty of how long anti-virus and social distancing measures will be in place at this present time.

” The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting on all areas of our lives. In just a few weeks, life as we knew it has changed beyond recognition.

Disabled people are not just at risk from the virus. We’re at risk from the actions of public bodies and others who don’t understand who we are, what we need or what will work. Why? Because they haven’t asked us. Not only will this mean that thousands of us don’t get what we urgently need but getting it wrong costs providers valuable time and money. Yet, as disabled people, we’re well used to finding creative ways to do things because the usual ways don’t work for us.

Why we are doing this survey

We want policy and decision-makers to know what is really happening to disabled people on the ground, and what changes are needed. We need information from you to do this.

This survey is anonymous. You should not provide any personal or identifying information about yourself or anyone else. This includes things like people’s names. If you do include this it will not be stored, and we will not use it.

Who is this survey for?

We particularly want to hear from disabled people, or those who support a disabled person. You do not need to fill out all the questions, just those that matter to you, and Section 1 About you.

We are interested in hearing from you about what has happened to you since the start of Covid-19 changes. We want to hear about issues and barriers you have faced, and about any positive experiences”

To take part in the survey click here